The Story about Gustaf Hedin


One cold morning in May 1942 the waves at Charlie Lake is hitting unusually high. Inside a warm cabin the trapper Gustaf Hedin has just finished his breakfast. He looks out his window and sees something bopping up and down in the water. In a few terrifying seconds he realises what has happened and runs down towards the beach, pulling his boat out, risking his own life to save others.

Seventy years later in Sweden, a man tells his daughter about an old man he met when he travelled around Australia. The old man had lived by himself in a caravan without wheels and had left Sweden in his twenties never to return again. With him now was the memories of the Rocky Mountains, the crocodile hunting in Darwin and the Olympic Games.

The daughter is Viktoria and as she later on tells the same story to her friend Elin they decide to bark out on an adventure to find out who Gustaf Hedin really was. And questions start popping up - how are you remembered after your death? What is a legend and what is forgotten?